If you’re planning your next summer vacation and searching for the best destination where you can find adrenaline and unique experiences, visit Interlaken! Known as the Capital of Adventure, the town offers activities for the entire family.

Here are 8 reasons to visit Interlaken in Summer:

#1 The weather in Interlaken is amazing during Summer
Besides having endless summer days, the temperature drops max to 14 degrees during July and goes up to 24 degrees. The best time to visit Interlaken is from June to September so that you can practice many outdoor activities.

#2 You can go canyoning
Get the taste of exploring nature in a fun and adventurous way. Go through rock formations and mountain scenery, do rappel, jumps, fast slides and swim all in one day. With beautiful mountains and lakes, Interlaken offers various locations to go canyoning, such as Grimsel, Chli Schliere, Zulg, and different levels that go from beginners to advanced.
You can read more about other activities in Interlaken here.

#3 River rafting in Interlaken is the most fun you will experience on the water
Interlaken is known for its white water river rafting, so it is definitely a place to experience peaks of adrenaline and unforgettable moments.
In crystal clear waters, surrounded by mountains, there are many options for river rafting tours. There are tours where kids from 8 years can participate and others for those who want adventure and challenges.

#4 Go kayaking on the crystal clear blue water of Lake Brienz
This activity can also be practiced during winter, but there is something magical about the lake during summer. Go through the calm waters of Lake Brienz and enjoy the spectacular Swiss scenery. Paddle through the water and experience the surroundings in a fun way.

#5 Fun at night! Pub crawl in Interlaken
After a nice day outside, how about having fun in one of the many pubs in the mountain town. Try some good beer, live music, and meet new people from all around the world.

#6 Take a train ride to Jungfrau and visit the Top of Europe (the highest train station in Europe)
Leaving Interlaken, hop on a train ride to Jungfrau and experience the beautiful panorama views that will take your breath away. There are several panoramic restaurants, shops, and exhibitions on the top.

#7 Bungee jump in the Swiss Alps
While enjoying a spectacular view, jump from Stockhorn Bungy, one of the world’s most breathtaking and unique bungee sites. You’ll be lifted 134 meters up in a mountain gondola and will jump over the lake Stockensee.

#8 Enjoy the rush of a lifetime on a Skydive from a helicopter
On a skydive in Interlaken, you’ll have the chance to experience a scenic flight where you’ll see all the incredible beauty of Interlaken, the two beautiful glacier lakes on either side, and the world-famous Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau on the background. Jump from 14,000ft (4.000meters), freefall for around 45 seconds and after the parachute opens, fly over the city like a pro.
Now that you know why Switzerland in July is excellent, especially Interlaken, start planning your trip! You can start by booking your next Helicopter Skydive Interlaken here.

Summer in Switzerland is full of options of fun activities for the entire family, but especially for those adrenaline hunters.

From July to August, you’ll get beautiful sunny days, perfect to visit one of the many fantastic crystal clear blue lakes, go hiking in green hills, and overall enjoy the nice weather and the relaxed atmosphere of the summer. Whether you choose to go on a four-weeks holiday or just a long weekend getaway, you’ll find plenty of things to do.

Why doing a helicopter tour in Switzerland is the ultimate experience?

Suppose you choose to visit Interlaken, known as the center of adventure in Europe. In that case, you have different options of activities everywhere you look. Between the lakes, mountains, and the beautiful nature surrounding this charming town, you can go canyoning, skydiving, paragliding, hiking, etc.

To make the most of the summer days, you can try different activities, but the ultimate is the helicopter tour. On these tours, you have the chance to see some of the best scenery in Switzerland, and the only way to maneuver through valleys, glaciers, and high mountain peaks is with a helicopter.

You have the different options of helicopter tours in Interlaken. If you just want to take a ride and enjoy the best view of the Swiss Alps, you can choose the Helicopter Interlaken Scenic Flight.

Helicopter Interlaken Scenic Flight

Some of the highlights of this helicopter ride in Switzerland are:

  • You’ll fly over the famous Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau in this helicopter tour.
  • Experience a unique view of the Swiss Alps and lakes of Interlaken.
  • Pass Jungfraujoch, known as the “Top of Europe” in the Bernese Alps.
  • Fly in a comfortable, modern helicopter that allows you maximum visibility and much more.
  • Book online.

And for beautiful views with an extra dose of adrenaline, we have Skydive Experiences!

Besides having the chance to have a once-in-a-lifetime jump, skydiving also allows you to enjoy a unique scenic flight since the flights are with the same helicopters from the previous tour. Thanks to its panoramic windows, you can see the beautiful swiss alps from above.

During your booking, you can also extend your scenic flight time with the «PLUS» option.

Here are the options for Helicopter Skydive over the Swiss Alps:

Skydiving in Interlaken

Helicopter Skydive Interlaken

  • Our all-time favorite jump is the only one available above Interlaken. Jump from 14.000ft (4000m) between the glacier lakes of Interlaken with the best view of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.
  • Book your jump here.


Skydiving with beautiful view of Eiger Mountain in background

Helicopter Skydive Eiger Jump

  • On this iconic jump, you’ll experience a scenic flight to the summit of the Eiger before jumping from 14,500ft (4300m) in front of the world-famous North Face.
  • Book your jump here.

Skydiving over the Valley of Lauterbrunnen

Helicopter Skydive Lauterbrunnen

  • Experience a unique view of one of the most beautiful valleys in the Alps, the valley of Lauterbrunnen. Famous for its many waterfalls and glaciers, you’ll fly around them and the steep walls on this jump.
  • Book online.

Know that you know the different options. Choose your next adventure and get ready to experience a once-in-a-lifetime experience surrounded by nature’s most beautiful landscapes. To check all the activities, visit Skydive Experience.

Switzerland is a country that offers fantastic views and incredible locations. Known for being a destination where you can breathe in the clear mountain air, enjoy beautiful views, and try different activities.

Also, visiting Switzerland is very easy for those who don’t speak the official languages – German, French, Romansh, and Italian, since many Swiss speak several languages.

Activities such as hikes, bike tours, and the most impressive and adrenaline-filled of all, skydiving.

If you’re still on the fence about your next vacation destination, here are 6 reasons why Switzerland is a top destination to go skydiving in Europe!


1. Switzerland offers unique views

Switzerland is a country that offers fantastic views and incredible locations. Known for being a destination where you can breathe in the clear mountain air, enjoy beautiful views, and try different activities.

Not only can you appreciate the views while jumping, but during your helicopter ride, you have the chance to experience an unforgettable scenic flight before skydiving.

2. Skydiving in Switzerland is safe!

We know that jumping from a helicopter and freefalling from 14,000ft sounds pretty overwhelming – and trust us, the priority is that everyone goes through this amazing experience safely.

At Skydive Interlaken, we make sure to work with the best equipment. Our Skydiving tandem instructors have to undergo intensive training before getting qualified. We’re part of the Swiss Skydive Federation which means we have specific standards to keep up with and are audited regularly.

If you want to know more, read our blog: 5 Reasons why Skydiving is Safe.

3. You can experience Skydiving in Interlaken!

Interlaken is often described as the adventure capital of Europe. Lots of activities, incredible nature, and qualified companies can make your dreams come true. If you choose Skydiving in Interlaken, here is what you’ll experience:

  • Scenic flight through the narrow valley of Lütschental up to the Schynige Platte mountain ridge
  • Panoramic views of Interlaken
  • The two beautiful glacier lakes on either side
  • The world-famous Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau in the background

Here’s how people who skydived in Interlaken described this adventure:“The skydive from the helicopter was simply the best experience of my life! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy life!”.


4. Switzerland has some of the most beautiful mountains, and you can fly over some of them!

For example, The Eiger, located in Berne, is famous for its unique beauty and offers a fantastic view of the Valley of Grindelwald. Imagine visiting the Eiger then jumping from ~14,500ft/4300m in front of the world-famous North Face.

5. Skydiving over the famous Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland

This small village in the heart of the Swiss Alps is worth your time. Located near the city of Bern, Lauterbrunnen has the well-known mountains – Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau – that you can see when skydiving!

Before your skydive, enjoy a scenic flight around the valley’s steep walls, passing multiple waterfalls and glaciers.

6. Experience different adventures in Switzerland

Besides going skydiving, you have many other options of fun activities to explore in Switzerland. If you want to keep your adrenaline high, you can also experience:

  • River Rafting in some of the best whitewater rafting in the Swiss Alps,
  • Canyoning
  • Bungee jump,
  • And much more! If you want to check these activities, check Other Activities.

But if you’re searching for fun for the family, there are also some fantastic options, such as:

  • Trip to the Harder Kulm, top of Interlaken.
  • Visit the Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe, and more.

Now that you know why Skydiving in Switzerland should be o your bucket list for this summer, get ready to book your next adventure! You can choose your amazing skydiving here.