See Switzerland from a Panoramic Helicopter

Embark on an unforgettable journey above the Swiss Alps with our exclusive Helicopter Scenic Flights. Glide over Interlaken's emerald lakes and the iconic peaks of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. Our flights offer an unrivaled aerial perspective of Switzerland's incredible landscapes. Secure your seat now and witness the natural splendor of the Alps from the skies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skydive

  • 6. Can I take photos or videos during the flight?

    Absolutely, we encourage you to capture the stunning scenery! Bring your camera or smartphone, but make sure they are secured during the flight.

  • 7. What should I wear for the flight?

    Just wear comfortable clothing. Closed shoes are recommended. For further details on what to wear, check out our blog.

  • 8. How is the weather assessed for the flight?

    Safety is our top priority. Flights are subject to weather conditions and will proceed only when safe. If the weather is unsuitable, we will reschedule or refund your flight.


  • 9. Can I book a private Helicopter Scenic Flight?

    Absolutely! The minimum number of participants for a scenic flight is 3, however if you would like to reserve a private flight for less than three people it is possible by paying for three seats. Please let us know after you have booked if you would like a private flight. Single bookings may be combined with other participants.

    Please book your flights early (a few days in advance) to secure your spots!

  • 10. How do I book a Helicopter Scenic Flight, and when should I book by?

    Please book your flight early (a few days in advance) online. The minimum number of participants is 3, for single bookings you will be mixed with other participants, so we need an early reservation. If you want a private flight, this is possible from 3 people, or you pay for 3 people. Just let us know after booking.


Your Moments

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Still not sure about jumping with us? Take a look at what other adventure seekers have to say about their experience at Skydive Interlaken.


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