Skydive Interlaken’s Environmental Responsibility

The environment is important to us, and we want to do as much as we can to reduce our impact on global warming.

Read further to learn about the ways we are trying to reduce our impact.

1.Off-setting our CO₂ emissions

Since January 2020 we started carbon off-setting every single skydive with a donation of CHF 6.40 to a company called myclimate. Myclimate supports many climate protection projects around the world.

Projects that we are helping to fund are projects of education, sustainability and effective protection of the environment, both local and globally.

Although our customers also have the option to make a donation upon booking, Skydive Interlaken will cover the full payment of the carbon fee associated with the whole jump.

Read more about myclimate’s projects around the globe and find out what projects they are working on.

2.Electric Van

In 2022 we purchased an electric van. This van will be used for everything – from picking up customers to driving to the helicopter port thereby reducing our carbon impact further.

3.Solar powered building

Our building is equipped with solar panels, therefore most of the time our head quarters are powered by the sun!

A testimonial from Christian (owner of Skydive Interlaken)

Our social commitment

I grew up in the former glacier village of Grindelwald. I say former because unfortunately, due to rising temperatures, it is not possible to see the upper and lower Grindelwald Glacier from the village anymore. Global warming is a reality, and here in the Swiss Alps, the effects are blatantly obvious.

Switzerland’s clean air, mountains, glaciers, lakes and forests draw people in from all over the world. Tourism is a big part of Switzerland’s economy, so we must think about the future and do all that we can to protect and preserve the environment.

The world is affected by climate change, and therefore everyone should be contributing to reducing/offsetting greenhouse gases. So, in hopes of lessening our carbon footprint, we have taken the opportunity to work with “myclimate”, and offset our emissions with climate protection measures. From 2020, every Skydive Interlaken helicopter flight will be offset, at no extra cost to our guests.

As we make this contribution, we hope to lead the way and inspire other businesses in the industry to follow our example.

Skydive Interlaken believes in quality over quantity. This motto accompanies us in all of our actions, and being a small business means that we have the space to make this priority. We strive to give our employees the best possible working conditions so that their passion for skydiving and customer service can shine through. As soon as each guest walks into Skydive Interlaken, they can immediately feel the friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

So if you ever want to go skydiving, come to Skydive Interlaken. We will show you the beauty of Switzerland while giving you a bit of adventure at the same time.

We are a passionate, professional team, have the highest safety standards in the world and act responsibly in all aspects.

Christian Zumbrunn, owner

See your options on how you can get involved

Donate to myclimate

Donate CHF 6.40 to myclimate when booking your flight and support many climate protection projects around the world.

Compensate your emissions

Offset your emissions at our dropzone when we meet for your flight.

Calculate your carbon footprint

To support climate change, we need to reduce our carbon emissions. Want to know more? Calculate your carbon footprint and see the greenhouse gases generated by your lifestyle and activities here:


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


At Skydive Interlaken we take pride in having a warm, welcoming atmosphere while giving you that life-changing experience you’re searching for!

Helicopter skydiving is rare, most skydiving centres use an aeroplane to jump out of. The helicopter is the only aircraft that can navigate through valleys, over glaciers, and up to the summits of high mountains. This means you’ll be getting and experience like no other - getting up close and personal with the Swiss Alps before jumping over the most picturesque landscape.

Years of experience
Tons of CO2 compensated
(from Skydive Interlaken)


Still not sure about jumping with us? Take a look at what other adventure seekers have to say about their experience at Skydive Interlaken.

Any questions? Here you get the answer

  • Is there a weight limit?

    The basic requirement for a parachute jump is good physical condition. Skydive Interlaken reserves the right to refuse to allow a client to make a jump if there are safety concerns, even if the limits described below are respected.
    Weight: 90.0 kg/ 198.0 lbs or less.
    BMI: 27.5 or less.

    Weight: 100.0 kg/220 lbs or less.
    BMI: 30.0 or less.

    Guest Height: Max. 195cm / 76″

  • What about bad weather?

    Bad weather happens. Call and we discuss the options. Deposit will be refunded in case we decide not to jump due to bad weather

  • How old do I have to be?

    Minimum age is 12 years. Your body has to fit the harness and be in good health. Under 18 years needs parental consent

  • What do I need to wear?

    Sneakers, t-shirt, jeans or shorts in summer. Bring windstopper and gloves in winter. You’ll get a jump suit, goggles, gloves and if desired a hat

  • Do you pick us up at the Hotel or Interlaken train station?

    Yes, free of charge, but only from Interlaken

  • How long will it take?

    2-3 hrs, expect delays due to weather and your friends jumping first

  • Can I get my skydive filmed?

    Yes, pictures and videos are options, see under prices / options, no prebooking required, we can show you when we meet.

  • Can I bring my own camera?

    Because of safety reasons no wrist or helmet cameras such as Go Pro’s allowed.

  • Can I breathe or talk in freefall?

    If you don’t breathe you get in trouble 🙂 and if you talk, you breathe!

  • What happens if the parachute doesn't open?

    There is a back up chute and an Automatic Activation Device. It even opens the reserve parachute if your tandemmaster is not able to do it selfs

  • Is there a height limit?

    The basic requirement for a parachute jump is good physical condition. Skydive Interlaken reserves the right to refuse to allow a client to make a jump if there are safety concerns, even if the limits described below are respected.
    Weight: 90.0 kg/ 198.0 lbs or less.
    BMI: 27.5 or less.

    Weight: 100.0 kg/220 lbs or less.
    BMI: 30.0 or less.

    Guest Height: Max. 195cm / 76″

  • How long will I be in freefall?

    The body size will influence the freefall speed, the smaller the slower, the bigger the faster, in general it is around 45sec.

  • How long is the parachute ride?

    The gentle parachute ride takes about 5 to 8 minutes before we land as briefed.

  • Can I talk under the parachute?

    Once you get under canopy it becomes very quiet and you can talk normally to your instructor as you glide back to the landing area.

  • Can we talk in freefall?

    Generally speaking, you can talk, but since freefall speeds reach up to 120mph, the wind passing by makes it difficult to hear.

  • Are your instructors licensed?

    All our tandem masters are licensed, highly professional and have years of experience.

  • Do you have insurance?

    No. Therefore, you will be asked to fill out a release of liability before you jump. This is standard procedure at any skydiving center.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, we accept most major credit cards and debit cards but you can pay also in cash

  • Fun Jumper

    On every helicopter Tandem Load we have always one seat free for a Funjumper, the Price is CHF 95.00. Minimum requirements are 500 jumps and B-Licence and valid insurance for Switzerland. We don’t rent any gear. You can rent a helicopter yourself for CHF 575.00 per Load (5 Funjumpers).

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