All you need to know for your Tandem Skydive

Don’t worry – you don’t need any prior training or experience to do a tandem skydive with us, only some sporty clothing and shoes. The duration of your Tandem Skydive depends on the size of your group, but on average it takes 2 to 3 hours (weather permitted). We can only jump in good weather conditions – no heavy clouds, rain or wind. In case we have to cancel due to weather, we let you know the evening before or on the day – and in these cases you will get your deposit back. To judge the forecast a few days in advance is almost impossible for the Alps. We highly recommend you to book your slot in advance, we welcome walk-ins, but they have to expect longer waiting times. All of the different video and picture options can be chosen on the day, you do not need to book these in advance. Outside video only on request.



We will pick you up at your hotel anywhere in Interlaken or at one of the train stations. Of course you can come with your own transport as well, we have lots of free parking available at our drop zone.

After filling out some paper work you can choose your video and picture options (no pre booking required for the video and pictures) you can pay the outstanding balance, cash or credit card accepted.

One of our staff members will get you ready with a skydiving suit and harness. In the winter time we provide gloves if you don’t have your own. When the whole group is ready we will first give the safety instructions and then practice the freefall position and landing. if you have any questions this is the right moment to ask!

A short five minute drive from the drop zone is the Helicopter Port, once we are there we will double check the equipment, take pictures or/and tape a little inteview. We then board the helicopter in teams of two.

Enjoy and relax on the scenic flight over the beautiflul landscape up to alltidude. As soon it is time for action your instructor will let you know.

It is very normal to be nervous before your first jump, but as soon you leave the Helicopter you will leave your fear far behind and start to enjoy the amazing feeling of freefall. The body size will influence the freefall speed, the smaller the slower, the bigger the faster, in general it is around 45sec.The gentle parachute ride takes about 5 to 8 minutes before we land as briefed.

After your jump, pictures or the edited video will be ready in less than 15 minutes. You can watch it with your friends on the big screen and when you are ready we will drop you off around Interlaken or at your Hotel.

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Pick up &
Check in

Step 2

Gear up, Briefing & Boarding

Step 3

Scenic Helicoter Flight, Freefal & Landing

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Video &
Drop off

How safe is Tandem Skydiving

Can you breathe while skydiving?

Yes! Your first skydive will definitely take your breath away – but not literally! Luckily it’s just as easy in freefall as it is on the ground to get that 02 into your lungs.


What is the best time to go skydiving?

The winter season is by far the best time to skydive. The Alps are covered in a thick blanket of snow which makes them unbelievably beautiful and the air is crispy clear.


How safe is Tandem Skydiving?

These are the most natural questions in the world to be asking when you’re considering throwing yourself out of a helicopter at 14,000 feet and entrusting your life and limb to a person–and a company, for that matter–that you’ve never met before.On a tandem jump, you’ll be harnessed securely to a qualified tandem skydiving instructor, so you’ll exit the helicopter together and enjoy the company of your professional guide to freefall for around 45sec before your parachute opens and your instructor conducts you safely back to the ground.

The technology of skydiving has evolved by leaps and bounds since its original invention. These encyclopaedic changes and additions to the equipment collaborate to keep us safer. Tandem skydiving jumping with two parachutes: a “main” and a “reserve.” The reserve is packed and maintained by an certified rigger. Should the first malfunction in any way, that backup takes over.

Interestingly, the reserve doesn’t even need to be activated manually. All of our equipment utilize an automatic activation device (“AAD”) to ensure that the reserve parachute opens for us in the event that we are unable to open it ourselves. The AAD is a small gadget that monitors the jumpers’ descent rate and altitude. If the tandem pair is still falling at full speed at a given height, the reserve opens. Pretty cool, huh?

Tandem Instructors/Company:
To become a tandem skydiving instructor, the instructor candidate must have years of experience and pass extensive training, which ensures your safety during a tandem jump.

Our team is highly professional and is experienced with tausends of jumps, otherwise we couldn’t be in business since more than 20 years.

If you’re thinking of making a tandem skydive, we’d love to welcome you to our dropzone. Book your tandem skydiving experience at Skydive Interlaken–or get in touch if you’d like to speak to a member of our team. We’d love to answer your questions!


What is the tandem skydiving weight limit?

Our limit is 100kg/220lbs and 195cm/76” tall. If you are a little over the limit then it could still be possible, but we can not guarantee it (contact us before you book to confirm). Skydive Interlaken reserves the right to refuse a client to make a jump if there are safety concerns, even if the limits are respected.



How cold is the skydive?

Depending on the time of year, the air temperature can range from warm to quite chilly. In the colder months, the helicopter cabin is heated and we put you in a jumpsuit to keep you toasty while in the air. Even though the temperature of the air changes throughout the year, this is the last thing you’ll be worried about when coming for your first skydive! 😉


Helicopter Skydive Interlaken
CHF 450.00

Helicopter Skydive Eiger Jump
CHF 690.00

Helicopter Skydive Lauterbrunnen
CHF 475.00



At Skydive Interlaken we take great satisfaction in having a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere while providing a life-changing experience. Because a helicopter is the only vehicle that can navigate through valleys, glaciers, and high mountain peaks, Skydive Interlaken chooses to conduct its jumps from this aircraft. The Helicopter, combined with the location, makes this activity particularly unique and memorable.

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Any questions? Here you get the answer

  • Is there a height limit?

    Yes, the guests’ height limit is 195 cm or 76 inches

  • How long will I be in freefall?

    The body size will influence the freefall speed, the smaller the slower, the bigger the faster, in general it is around 45sec.

  • How long is the parachute ride?

    The gentle parachute ride takes about 5 to 8 minutes before we land as briefed.

  • Can I talk under the parachute?

    Once you get under canopy it becomes very quiet and you can talk normally to your instructor as you glide back to the landing area.

  • Can we talk in freefall?

    Generally speaking, you can talk, but since freefall speeds reach up to 120mph, the wind passing by makes it difficult to hear.

  • Are your instructors licensed?

    All our tandem masters are licensed, highly professional and have years of experience.

  • Do you have insurance?

    No. Therefore, you will be asked to fill out a release of liability before you jump. This is standard procedure at any skydiving center.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, we accept most major credit cards and debit cards but you can pay also in cash

  • Fun Jumper

    Requirements: Minimum USPA -B- licence, 100 jumps. Registration, Introduction, ground transport to heli, per slot CHF 95. Bring your own gear, no rentals.



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