One of the best place to Skydive is with Skydive Interlaken

Skydiving in Switzerland offers the most breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps and stunning turquoise lakes. You can have skydiving experiences in various locations throughout the country, however, Interlaken is a popular choice due to its beautiful views. Other popular destinations for stunning views include New Zealand’s Southern Alps, and the Grand Canyon in the United States, and many others. The best time to go skydiving in Switzerland is from May to September when the weather is typically straightforward and stable. However, skydiving is possible year-round in Switzerland, and the ever blue skies of the winter season are also a special sight to behold.

Most people jump only once in a lifetime, so we believe the experience should be unique. The scenery should be mind-blowing, the aircraft should be badass, and the staff should be friendly and professional to make you feel comfortable and at home!

At Skydive Interlaken, we have got all of the above.

With a choice of 3 different jumps, we are sure that you will find one that suits you best. The scenery on all of the jumps is seriously mind-blowing. From deep blue lakes to steep glaciers to getting so close to the mountain peaks that you can actually see the climbers climbing!

The only possible way to get up close and personal with these types of scenery is with a badass aircraft… the helicopter! The helicopter allows us to fly so close to mountains and jump over these beautiful, rugged landscapes.

The aircraft

Flying in the helicopter is a great experience in itself and offers the best views with the big open windows and the best comfort. On top of that, we can step out on the skit, have time to enjoy the moment before we jump off.

Worldwide, we are the only drop zone that is operating solely with a helicopter, 365 days per year (weather permitted).

Skydiving is not cheap, and skydiving with a helicopter slightly more expensive. But to truly give you that once in a lifetime experience – to fly up to mountain peaks and jump over the Alps – it is essential.

Here at Skydive Interlaken, we don’t do hundreds of tandems per day – we are not a factory, but a family business and we take great pride in this. We all believe everyone deserves an experience like this and so we are really happy to spend time with you and share this amazing moment with you!

Our team/company is highly professional with more than 20 years of experience and is looking forward to welcoming, take care of you and give you an experience of a lifetime!


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