I like flying, but skydiving is not for me, what else can i do?

The best way to explore the beauty of the Swiss Alps is from above! Soar like an eagle with paragliding or hangliding, get up close and personal with the highest mountain peaks with a Helicopter or get the all includive package of scenic flight a tandem skydive and experience the unforgettable feeling of freefall.

Interlaken offers all kinds of flying, but what is the difference

Paragliding is probably the purest way of flying, foot-launched with no engine, no cabin and no noise – just you and the pilot. You can feel the wind and the air, with an incredible view of Interlaken and surrounding lakes and mountains. Paragliders use currents of rising air to move around the mountains just like an eagle, in the spring/summer they can not only go down but up as well which adds to this experience.

Hang gliding is very similar to paraglider, but the air foils are different. Hang gliding is a ridged structure shaped like a tringle and is also foot launched. These airfoils are more airstream and you are in a lying position, therefore they are much faster. Like a paraglider hang gliders can also move up in rising air currents in the spring / summer and are much more efficient at this. Hang gliding is not offered in many places around the world so if you want a truly unique experience then this is one to consider.

Helicopter flying can take you anywhere in the Alps. Up to high mountain peaks, past beautiful waterfalls, over huge glaciers, through narrow valleys these amazing pilots make flying these machines look easy. with their comfortable cabins and huge panoramic windows you will be able to see everything! See more on our Scenic flights page.


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