Helicopter, of course!

Interlaken, nestled in between two glacier lakes and the high peaks of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau is one of the most magical places you will ever visit. This is why it is important that you choose the best mode of transport to explore the beauty of this place!

Whether it is on a rescue mission, dropping off skiers on glaciers or taking supplies to farmers, the helicopter is the only aircraft that can maneuver around the Swiss Alps. It doesn’t need to land, it can just hover above and use the long line to drop off supplies or even rescue people from narrow valley walls. This is why we choose it here at Skydive Interlaken, it can first take us on a scenic flight through narrow valleys and next to steep cliffs and then hover right next to the summit of the Eiger where we can stand on the skit, then jump out with a mountain face right next to us.

What are the advantages of the Helicopter?

1. It’s comfortable and glamorous!
As soon as you enter the helicopter, you feel like a VIP. Only 2 Tandems fits in one Helicopter, which means you have enough room to enjoy the whole experience.

2. Maximum Visibility
As the helicopter pilots need to maneuver around in tight places, they have to be able to see everything which means you will also be able to see everything with a 360 panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes.

3. Safety
In a helicopter you don’t need a long runway for an emergency landing, they can land anywhere.

4. Altitude
You will get maximum height on your skydive, as a helicopter can fly just as high as a skydive from a plane.

Why is Helicopter skydiving better than a regular skydive?

1. Jump locations
It is the only way to jump right over Interlaken and our other jump locations like the Eiger North Face.

2. Scenic flight
As mentioned previously, you get maximum visibility in a helicopter, therefore, a scenic flight before you jump

3. The exit
The exit is such a unique experience. Instead of just rolling from the plane, you can literally stand right on the outside of the helicopter on the skit and enjoy this amazing moment before falling into the calm air beneath you.

4. Less Stress
Skydiving from a helicopter is less stressful because we never have to rush to exit. The helicopter can hover in one spot and wait for us to be ready.

5. Personal experience
Located 5 minutes away, the heliport is located in a secluded area which means no loud airport with lots of people. Only 2 tandems can fit into one helicopter. This way you get a very personal experience.


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