Stunning scenery. Majestic mountains. Adrenaline-fueled adventures. Switzerland is famous for its incredible landscapes, delectable dairy, and abundance of activities for adrenaline junkies and environmental admirers alike. It is a popular vacation destination for students, families, couples, and solo travelers – for a good reason!

With abundant color and picture-postcard landscapes around every turn, Switzerland has earned its title as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Green, rolling hills meet snow-capped mountains and crystal-clear rivers meander through picturesque valleys everywhere you look. As such, Switzerland has become a top-rated holiday destination for travelers worldwide. The warm temperatures, vivid colors, and abundance of unique natural features mean there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Situated between two glistening lakes and at the gateway to the Alps, Interlaken is known worldwide as the adventure capital of Europe!

Everything is available, from the budding adventurer’s activities in the air to the ground and water. Its central location makes it a great starting point or midpoint for travelers seeking adventure after soaking up the charm of nearby Luzern’s Old Town or visiting Montreaux’s famous Jazz Festival. A stone’s throw from Interlaken, nestled in the heart of the Alps, are the quaint villages of Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald, boasting dramatic mountainous backdrops and unique mountain experiences.

Whether you like to be constantly on the go or prefer to appreciate things more relaxedly, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite summer activities in Switzerland:

1. For views like no other and a hit of adrenaline, we recommend helicopter skydiving in Interlaken!

With every helicopter skydive offering a unique 3-in-1 experience of a scenic helicopter flight, incredible extended freefall, and exhilarating parachute flight down to the valley below, this is a great value experience and one to tick off your bucket list. Switzerland has some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the world, so if you’ve wanted to do this, what’s stopping you?! From the helicopter, you will experience unparalleled views over snow-capped mountains and vivid blue lakes from a unique perspective in the sky. Then, take a deep breath as you step out onto the helicopter skid with your professional instructor and plunge towards the valley below. The views improve as you freefall, offering ever-changing views of the mountains and ridges as you approach the ground. Then, sail gracefully under the canopy to touch down in the grass.

2. If freefall isn’t your thing, choose a scenic helicopter flight

The scenic flight offers extraordinary views of the incredible valleys, mountains, and glaciers surrounding Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen. Soar like a bird over knife-edge ridges and past tumbling glaciers, getting close to areas impossible to reach on foot or by road. With their vast panoramic windows, helicopters give the best view possible in all directions – watch the mountains pass by below you as you climb past their peaks and soar over ridges. Different options take different routes – choose to fly over glaciers, lakes, and past famous mountain peaks. Maybe you’ll even spot some brave climbers tackling the North Face of the Eiger!

3. You can’t visit Switzerland without getting close to the Swiss Alps

The Jungfrau Region is right in the heart of Switzerland and easily reachable from Zürich, Luzern, Geneva, Bern, and Basel. Why not visit the world-famous Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe? This stunning landmark is home to Europe’s highest train station and the starting point of Europe’s longest glacier, the Aletsch Glacier. Walk through the Ice Cavern and explore the numerous tunnels and lookout points. On a clear day, you will have unbeatable panoramic views across Switzerland and even into Germany! There are also shops and restaurants to satisfy your hunger and thirst after taking in the experience at 3,463m above sea level.

4.Have you ever wanted to try skiing? It isn’t just a winter sport

Some resorts in Switzerland have snow all year around due to their high altitude. Visit Zermatt with the famous Matterhorn or Saas Fee, where glaciers allow permanent snow. Skimming on these glaciers in the warm summer sun is usually possible in the mornings. Take on Saas Fee’s freestyle park in the morning, then tackle one of the numerous hiking trails in the area in the afternoon! The region is scattered with clear alpine lakes with trails suited to all fitness levels in easy access from both towns.–87JyMb9ZfU

5. Did you know you could taste the Mediterranean without leaving Switzerland?

While the country is landlocked, that doesn’t stop Switzerland from embracing the Mediterranean atmosphere in its southern cantons. Visit Ascona on the shore of Lake Maggiore, at the southernmost tip of Switzerland, to experience Switzerland’s version of seafront summer life. Stroll down the promenade and stop at one of the many cafes and restaurants before checking out the weekly market in the town center.

6. Switzerland is home to some of the largest cave systems in Europe!

Why not explore the cascading waterfalls, magical grottos, and imposing stalactites and stalagmites inside the Beatus Caves? A short distance from Interlaken, this cave system is one of the largest in Europe and one of the few in Switzerland open to the public. With one kilometer of the cave secured and open to tourists, you can escape the summer heat (a constant 8-10 degrees inside the caves, even in summer) and learn about the forces of nature at play to create the caverns and grottos. Another fascinating cave system to visit is the Höllgrotten in Baar. These dripstone caves are located in the Lorze ravine and are famous for their unique formations created over thousands of years. The Höllgrotten caves are well-lit and easily accessible, making them an excellent destination for families and adventurers alike.

7. Hiking is extremely popular in Switzerland

With more than 65,000km of marked hiking trails across the country. The hike from Grindelwald First to Bachalpsee takes about two hours, and along the way, you will be treated to incredible views over the Alps. You will never forget the fantastic vista across the lake, with the snowy mountains reflected in the pristine water. Whether you want a leisurely stroll along bubbling brooks in Unterseen or a challenging hike to rewarding viewpoints, it is all possible in Interlaken!

By visiting these best summer destinations in Switzerland, you can experience various Swiss Alps summer activities that cater to different interests and fitness levels. There’s something for everyone, from the thrilling Interlaken adventure to the serene Lake Maggiore activities. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the Jungfraujoch Top of Europe tour or enjoy summer skiing in Zermatt and Saas Fee summer skiing. For hiking enthusiasts, the Grindelwald hiking trails offer breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences.

Enjoy your summer adventure in Switzerland!