For those who dream to fly, skydiving is probably the closest that you will come to it. After jumping off a plane, you can experience the freefall where, well, you’re just falling in the sky. After those precious seconds, you’re ready to open the parachute and just enjoy the view. This is why is so important to choose a scenic place to go skydiving! All that anxiety and adrenaline should be the focus on something pretty incredible, with a breathtaking view and an awesome background for your pictures.  

Here are some of the best scenic places in the world where you should skydive.

where to skydive

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Blue Hole, Belize

Are you a big fan of crystal clear tropical waters? If you’re agreeing with this, then you should visit the Great Blue Hole, this underwater sinkhole in Belize. In this scenic skydiving, you’ll jump off a plane at 10,000 ft and land in the water. Pretty intense, right?   

where to skydive

Enjoy the view in Interlaken, Switzerland

One of the best scenic skydiving in the world, Interlaken has the beautiful and snowy mountains, the unique lakes and a breathtaking view. Jump off a helicopter from 14,000 ft and enjoy a panoramic view of Eiger, Jungfrau, and Interlaken.

where to skydive

Skydiving in Dubai

We have mentioned before Dubai, but this is one of the most famous skydiving sites in the world for a good reason. The iconic Palm Jumeirah Island dropzone is worth the jump. See from above the artificial island and see the skyscrapers in the background. It’s a vi

Jump from 13,000 ft.

where to skydive

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Jumping in the Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Jump off a plane at 16,000 ft in a beautiful landscape such as Fox Glacier is a lifetime experience. You have almost 60 seconds of freefall and then just enjoy the views of the Fox Glacier, Tasman Sea, mountains and the rainforest.

where to skydive

Skydive in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

If it’s beautiful enough to inspire the elf kingdom in Lord of the Rings than is beautiful enough to skydive. In the Lauterbrunnen valley, you can jump off a helicopter at 12,000 ft and see the steep walls, water fountains, and glaciers from above.

where to skydive

Skydiving in the Grand Canyon, USA

This popular and incredible natural wonder is incredible from above. You have the chance to jump off a plane and have a panoramic view from the majestic Grand Canyon. which some describe as a lifetime experience.

Of course, here at Skydive Interlaken we believe that you just can’t beat helicopter skydiving over the Swiss Alps! But, we totally understand that not everyone can make it here to us, so we put together a list of our other favorite or iconic places to skydive around the world. 

best places for skydiving

Skydive Dubai – The Palm

This popular destination is known for its incredible drop zone. Located within the city of Dubai, the highlight of a tandem experience here is the stunning view of the iconic Palm Jumeirah island from 13,000 ft.

Skydiving in Queenstown, New Zealand 

Queenstown is famously known for adventure and beautiful landscapes, it is a very popular holiday destination in both summer and winter. The drop zone is located at the base of the famous Remarkables mountain range surrounded by a working sheep farm. Jump from a perfectly good airplane at 15,000ft in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. 

Skydive Mount Everest, Nepal

Although this is not the cheapest skydive in the world, this high-altitude jump will surely blow your mind. Jumping from 23,000ft next to the highest peak in the world has to be extremely special! The price doesn’t just include the jump, but also a few different activities to show you what the Himalaya has to offer, deep in the heart of Sherpa country.

Best skydive in the world

Skydive Geronimo Rottnest, Australia

Located just 19kms off the coast of Fremantle, Rottnest Island has been described as Perth’s island paradise. Western Australia’s coast is absolutely breathtaking and you will get a great view of it from 15,000ft with Skydive Geronimo. 

Skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland

Here at Skydive Interlaken we offer three different jumps. Our most popular is over the beautiful Interlaken, one of the best holiday destinations for adventure seekers in both summer and winter. You first take a luxurious helicopter scenic flight with a breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps and of course the famous Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. At 14,000ft the door will open and you find yourself standing on the skit of the helicopter! The feeling of your feet leaving the helicopter is one of the best feelings in the world, it is really an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Thinking about trying skydiving for the first time? Here are some things you might experience when you jump, and also some skydiving testimonials so you can learn more about it. Just a quick reminder: skydiving is when you jump off a helicopter or airplane from 14’000ft, freefall about 45 seconds and then open the parachute. Pretty exciting, right?

Ok, so back to the way skydiving will make you feel. Skydiving is super safe – and you know that – but you will still feel a little nervous and wondering why you decided to jump out of a perfectly good helicopter. But the slight nervousness is normal, and as soon as you are in freefall the adrenalin kicks in – you won’t be able to wipe the smile from your face.

When you jump off, most people think is common to feel something in your stomach, like in the roller coaster, but that’s not something you will feel.

The first thing you’ll notice is how strong the wind feels on your body and how loud it sounds. You might also notice the temperature change, the air feels much cooler when you are free-falling through it (keep in mind that you’ll be wearing a jumpsuit so you won’t be freezing). You’ll also have that feeling of flying. Yes, that magical feeling that we always dream about happens during skydiving. When the parachute is open, you’ll feel the change in speed from 200mph to 30mph, and this is when you’ll relax and enjoy the view.

Here is a review we received in TripAdvisor that can resume what you’ll get jumping with us:

“We did the scenic helicopter route and tandem skydiving back in October, such an amazing experience! The team taking care of us was very professional, reassuring – and hilarious! We had so much fun. Also, since you’re spending a lot of time in the air be sure to enjoy the view, it’s absolutely stunning. Mountains covered in snow and completely turquoise lakes. You can barely believe it’s real! Thanks a lot for this incredible experience! Can’t recommend enough”.

If you want to read more reviews about the experiences we offer, take a look at our TripAdvisor page. You can also check out this helicopter Skydiving video that our crew filmed: 

Now that you know how it feels to skydive, how about trying it out? Check out our first jump page and discover everything you need to know for your first skydiving experience.

One of our most popular questions here at Skydive Interlaken is about safety. For a first time skydiver, jumping from a helicopter and freefalling from 14,000ft can seem out of control! But it is quite the opposite. Statistics show us that a person is more likely to win the lottery or get struck by lightening than die from a tandem skydive. If we still haven’t convinced you, then read below the 5 reasons why skydiving is safe for you. 


1. The Equipment 

The first recorded free fall jump is credited to Leslie Irvin in 1919 and the earliest competitive skydives date back to the 1930’s. Skydiving became much more mainstream once the military began developing parachute technology and used the act of skydiving as a tactical move during World War II. The sport has come a long way since the days of military jumping with round parachutes where the wind would determine where you would land! 

The tandem equipment that is used today for skydiving has been continuously developed and improved for over 40 years. One of the most important safety innovations considered in skydiving was the invention of a life saving device called the AAD which brings us to our next point.

2. The AAD 

As mentioned above, the invention of the AAD is recognized as the most important of these safety innovations in skydiving history. An AAD (automatic activation device), is a small device which monitors air pressure and speed and when things are not going to plan (you don’t have a parachute open at a certain altitude), this device will immediately release the reserve parachute. Having an AAD means that it is not possible for anyone to not impact the ground without a parachute.

3. The Instructors

Skydiving tandem instructors have to be put through intensive training before getting qualified. In Switzerland the regulations are high and Skydive Interlaken is an official member of the Swiss Skydive Federation. 

4. The Helicopter

Helicopter flying is extremely safe, especially in Switzerland. This is due to the amount of hours pilots fly, in and around obstacles with long lines collecting supplies, grass and even sometimes cows! 

5. Standards and Rule Enforcement 

Skydive Interlaken is part of the Swiss Skydive Federation which means we have certain standards to keep up with and are audited regularly. We believe this is important for the safety of both our instructors and passengers. If you want to know more about the Swiss Federation you can check out their website here.