Ever seen those incredible guys in the “squirrel suits” and thought, “wow only in my dreams”? Well not anymore! Vincent and Ambroise from SkyVibration have been working on a truly unique experience – a world’s first, available right here in Interlaken Switzerland – a wingsuit tandem skydive!

Credit Skyvibration

So, how does tandem wingsuit work?

“A wingsuit is a one-piece garment that enables a person to glide through the air when in freefall, having sections of fabric between the arms and legs that inflate when the wearer jumps from an aircraft or a high place.”

Your instructor (who is in control at all times) wears the wingsuit and you are strapped to the front, after a bit of training (nothing too serious) you head up in the helicopter to 14,000ft and jump out. Once you’re out in the air, you and your instructor glide up to 3km distance and reach speeds of 250km per hour (between 1 and 2 minutes of freefal)l – it’s a thrill like no other!

Once the parachute opens, you can then celebrate, relax, take in the scenery and enjoy the canopy flight down to the ground.

What’s the difference between a wingsuit skydive and a normal skydive?

There is a huge difference between a regular skydive and a wingsuit skydive. With a regular tandem, you’ll be travelling vertically, straight down on your belly with the instructor attached above you. With a wingsuit tandem, you are travelling forwards (travelling up to 3km distance) as well as down.

Is Tandem Wingsuit safe?

Safety in skydiving is always the number one priority – the instructors don’t want to get hurt, just as much as they don’t want you to get hurt.

The accident rate for tandem jumps is the lowest of all extreme sports – less than 1 in 1 million jumps. The equipment is certified, approved, and subject to the same rigorous standards and regular checks as in aviation.

For the Tandem Wingsuit, Skyvibration has chosen to use the most modern equipment, for both the parachute and the wingsuit.

  • The tandem wingsuit pilots are the only ones in the world certified for this activity.
  • Skyvibration has demonstrated that the level of safety in Tandem Wingsuiting reaches Excellence, in order to obtain its certifications.
  • The equipment is the most modern available.
  • They have completed more than 300 successful tandem wingsuit jumps already.

Who can Tandem Wingsuit?

The wingsuit tandem is available to everyone over 12 years old (with a certificate signed by both parents for minors) that weigh between 40 and 85 kg. For those over 60 years old, a medical certificate stating that there is no contraindication to tandem skydiving. You must be in good overall health and able to raise the knees to the chest for landing (a medical questionnaire will be completed).

“Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show”

2023 is going to be all about unique experiences, experiences that you will cherish for the rest of your life. A wingsuit tandem from a helicopter, over the Swiss Alps will be an experience of a lifetime – one that is impossible to forget.

If you’re interested in this activity or have any other questions get in touch.

Price: Starting CHF 7.500,00
We recommend having at least three days’ windows of availability in case of cancelation due to weather conditions.