Thinking about trying skydiving for the first time? Here are some things you might experience when you jump, and also some skydiving testimonials so you can learn more about it. Just a quick reminder: skydiving is when you jump off a helicopter or airplane from 14’000ft, freefall about 45 seconds and then open the parachute. Pretty exciting, right?

Ok, so back to the way skydiving will make you feel. Skydiving is super safe – and you know that – but you will still feel a little nervous and wondering why you decided to jump out of a perfectly good helicopter. But the slight nervousness is normal, and as soon as you are in freefall the adrenalin kicks in – you won’t be able to wipe the smile from your face.

When you jump off, most people think is common to feel something in your stomach, like in the roller coaster, but that’s not something you will feel.

The first thing you’ll notice is how strong the wind feels on your body and how loud it sounds. You might also notice the temperature change, the air feels much cooler when you are free-falling through it (keep in mind that you’ll be wearing a jumpsuit so you won’t be freezing). You’ll also have that feeling of flying. Yes, that magical feeling that we always dream about happens during skydiving. When the parachute is open, you’ll feel the change in speed from 200mph to 30mph, and this is when you’ll relax and enjoy the view.

Here is a review we received in TripAdvisor that can resume what you’ll get jumping with us:

“We did the scenic helicopter route and tandem skydiving back in October, such an amazing experience! The team taking care of us was very professional, reassuring – and hilarious! We had so much fun. Also, since you’re spending a lot of time in the air be sure to enjoy the view, it’s absolutely stunning. Mountains covered in snow and completely turquoise lakes. You can barely believe it’s real! Thanks a lot for this incredible experience! Can’t recommend enough”.

If you want to read more reviews about the experiences we offer, take a look at our TripAdvisor page. You can also check out this helicopter Skydiving video that our crew filmed: 

Now that you know how it feels to skydive, how about trying it out? Check out our first jump page and discover everything you need to know for your first skydiving experience.