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Extreme Skydiving over the Swiss Alps - Best Adventure - Original Eiger Jump Grindelwald

Original Eiger Jump - Skydive Interlaken

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Bord the powerful helicopter in Interlaken and climb up to Wengen, Lauberhorn and the Eiger. The dark North Face, ice and crisp winds greet you at the ultimate altidute of the Swiss Alps. Fly arround the peak, astonish and enjoy the view into glaciers and deep gorges.

Your mind gets back to reality when the door opens at 15'000 feet. Your heart beats looking at the fantastic panoramic view. Step out, take deep breath and fall along the dark wall of the Eiger North Face.

This life time adventure is offered weekdays only. Exception can be discussed. Best weather conditions are essential as you will touch the borders of the skies. Despite of the cold, winter is the best time and recommended. In case you opt for summer, we recommend jumping in the morning.