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Welcome to Interlaken - Most fascinating Adventure City.

Skydive between snowy mountains and blue lakes. Get the ultimate feeling of adrenaline while falling from perfectly sound helicopter.


Interlaken is enbeeded between two Alpine lakes. Huge glaciers formed deep valleys. Grindelwald with its famous Eiger North Face is on one side. Lauterbrunnen with hunderds of fountains and waterfalls is also famous place for base jumping.


Unique helicopter Skydiving is offered daily, summer and winter. Combine fun with the thrill of a helicopter skydive. The spectacular panoramic view into the Swiss Alps comes together with a life time adventure.


Arshad from Dubai Skydiving in Interlaken, 25.2.2015

Helicopter Skydiving high above the Swiss Alps

Arshad from Dubai Skydiving in Interlaken, 25.2.2015
Eiger Jump Skydive Interlaken, Renée Picard 19.2.2015
Eiger Jump, Skydive Interlaken Darren Connew 19.2.2015
Eiger Jump with Skydive Interlaken, Jason Ulman 30.11.2014